5 Stunning Places to Visit in Michigan

Born and raised in Michigan, I have yet to see everything that this great state offers. If you have ever visited Michigan then you know the natural beauty the state holds. You can always find something to do;  camp within the pristine forests,  swim or boat along the great lakes coastlines and hike the cliffs and dunes of the beautiful lake shore.

If you visiting Michigan, there are 5 recommended places you must see: (This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link).

Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore

Climbing the Dunes. It’s a beautiful site!

Sleeping Bear Dunes lies 450 feet above Lake Michigan and boasts a beautiful view of the clear, blue water. There is a legend of the sleeping bear that will tug on the heart strings. It’s a great story of a mothers love and is full of beautiful art that any kid would enjoy. You can purchase The Legend of the Sleeping Bear here.

Kitchitikipi Springs

Kitchitikipi Springs water reflection

Kitchitikipi Springs is one of the largest fresh water springs in Michigan. It’s over 40′ deep and stays 45 degrees all year around. You can ride a self guided raft that has an opening in the middle, which enables visitors to see to the bottom of the spring. Even at the deepest point, it is so clear that you can see the water bubbling up from the sandy bottom. It even looks as though your could reach out and touch the fish.

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7 Tips to Keep Pets Safe During 4th of July Festivities


If you are like us and many other Americans, you enjoy the celebrations of the 4th of July, with family, friends, beach barbeques and the lighting of fireworks. Although it’s a fun time for us, it’s not something that our pets enjoy.  Many of them  become scared and anxious; often shaking, hiding and even running away. The few days prior to the 4th and the few days after become one of the busiest times of the year for animal control.

I know I would be heart broken if something were to happen to my dogs. They are family! Lets keep our furry friends safe, not only during the 4th of July celebrations, but always.

Guidelines to keep our pets safe:

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