7 Tips to Keep Pets Safe During 4th of July Festivities


If you are like us and many other Americans, you enjoy the celebrations of the 4th of July, with family, friends, beach barbeques and the lighting of fireworks. Although it’s a fun time for us, it’s not something that our pets enjoy.  Many of them  become scared and anxious; often shaking, hiding and even running away. The few days prior to the 4th and the few days after become one of the busiest times of the year for animal control.

I know I would be heart broken if something were to happen to my dogs. They are family! Lets keep our furry friends safe, not only during the 4th of July celebrations, but always.

Guidelines to keep our pets safe:

Always keep your pets indoors! The loud noises can cause them to panic, break their chains and run for what they think is safety. In turn they can potentially harm themselves by running into traffic.

  1. Never give your pets alcohol! Alcohol is poisonous to your pets. It can cause them to go into a coma and possibly die from respiratory failure.
  2. Make sure your pets identification tags are up to date!  A current phone number on the tag will be the easiest and quickest way for an individual to reach you, if they happen to find your pet.
  3. Create a comfortable environment for your pet at home. This can be done by putting them in a crate, covered with a blanket. Also, play soothing music or a television show to help drown out the noise of fireworks. Thunder shirts are another option to help ease their anxiety.
    * If nothing works, speak to your local veterinarian and they can prescribe some medication that will help keep your pet calm.
  4. Do not use sunscreen or insect repellent on your pets! Ingestion of these products can cause your pet to become ill and even cause neurological issues.
  5. Do not put glow jewelry on your pets! If your pet chews on the jewelry, they could choke on the small plastic pieces and the liquid inside can cause them to have an upset stomach.
  6. Stick to animal treats when rewarding your pets! It’s always nice to want to share scraps with our pets, but certain foods are a danger to our furry friends.


Enjoy your 4th!


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